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HelpPlayer General • Rogue

Rogues live on the misery of others, whether it is directly through 
the killing of people in a random sort of way, or through stealing and 
picking others.  These people often become assassins and thieves, and they 
get their experience in any way they see fit.  They are not the best of  
fighters nor do they have time to learn the magical arts.  But they are very  
adept at the arts of deception.  Races with high dexterity make the best  
A rogue may apprenticeship or journeyman any of the five professions of  
Acrobat, Assassin, Thief, Thug, or Trickster. 
Common races: half-elf, nymph, halfling, or hobbit 

See also: classes, rogue, traits

HelpPlayer General • Rogue

04:51, Darkday, Denki 9, 179 AD.

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