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HelpPlayer General • Rogue deception

Rogues specialize in the deception of others around them--both in 
combat and out of combat. Not all rogues use these abilities in 
evil ways, but nonetheless, the general basis for them lies in 
some sort of stealth or misdirection. There are six skills rogues  
have to govern their deception ability. 
Stealth:     This skill is the catch-all skill of deception. It 
             represents a character's ability to take any kind of 
             action without it being noticed by others in the area. 
Murder:      This skill controls the ability to use stealth and 
             misdirection during combat, for the express purpose 
             of damaging your opponent. A rogue who specializes 
             in murder will excel with many knife-based attacks 
             that center around quick movements and misleading 
             an opponent. 
             This skill is associated with Assassins. 
Acrobatics:  This skill relates to a rogue's ability to tumble, 
             and in general to move quickly, and balance well. It 
             can aid in complicated combat maneuvers, bounding up 
             low climbs, and dodging past people. 
             This skill is associated with Acrobat. 
Subterfuge:  This skill represents a rogue's ability to fool people. 
             It's the governing skill for any good thief, but also 
             represents the rogue's talent at altering his appearance 
             and otherwise misleading others. 
             This skill is associated with Thieves. 
Performance: This skill relates to a rogue's ability to perform in front of  
             others. It embodies the ability to persuade, manipulate, and  
             inspire those around them through feats of skill, cleverness or  
             one might even it is a magic unto itself. 
             This skill is associated with Bards. 
Streetwise:  This skill involves the smarts and talents needed to 
             live on the streets of a city. It embodies the ability 
             to use dirty tricks in combat to wear down an opponent, 
             as one would in a street fight. 
             This skill is associated with Thugs. 
Devices:     This skill lets rogues perform various feats involving 
             mechanical devices: specifically traps, snares and 
             locks. It allows the rogue to find, identify, and  
             perhaps disarm or bypass these devices. At higher levels, 
             traps and snares may even be set. 
             This skill is associated with Tricksters. 
These skills are related to each other according to the following 
diagram of associations. The skills which are adjacent on the wheel 
are closely related, and those across from each other are distantly 
related. Stealth, at the center, is the skill that controls them all. 
                        /                \ 
                       /                  \ 
                   Devices   Stealth   Subterfuge 
                       \                  / 
                        \                / 

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HelpPlayer General • Rogue deception

04:38, Darkday, Denki 9, 179 AD.

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