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HelpPlayer General • Sailing

To sail using a ship you must board and find the steering area and be level 19 
or higher. 
Dock actions: 
    board [ship] - board a ship, you use this to board your ship 
            and to load your ship 
    recall ship - recall your ship from a different dock,  
            only works if you have enough crew 
Ship actions: 
    steer [direction] - steer your ship one unit in a direction, 
            when docked you <steer out>, to dock a ship just do <steer dock> 
    read map - read the map if you have the option installed  
            on your ship, this will list your ships current coordinates 
    lower [anchor|ladder] - you lower the ladder when docked  
            to leave your ship when sailing you lower the anchor to stop your  
            ship from moving 
    raise [ladder|anchor] - raise ladder so you can leave  
            dock, and keep people from boarding your ship raise the anchor so  
            your ship can move again 
    sail [x,y | logbook record] - sail your ship to a set of  
            corrdinates or a place you have recorded in your logbook 
    anchor ship - same as lower anchor 
    scan horizon - looks to see if anything is in the water,  
            spot islands, this will help you locate islands and other things  
            in the ocean. 
    block [person|all] - will block a player from boarding  
            your boat if you have a crew, if all it will stop everyone but  
            your self from boarding 
    stop blocking [person|all] - will stop blocking person  
            or everyone from board your ship 
If you have bought a logbook: 
    check logbook -  this will allow you to check to see  
            what coordinates you have recorded 
    record [name] - you can record current coordiantes to  
            later return to for easier management,  
            names can be no longer then 12 charcters 
    erase [name] - remove a recorded set of coordiantes  
            from your logbook 

See also: ships

HelpPlayer General • Sailing

06:34, Lockday, Denki 7, 179 AD.

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