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HelpPlayer General • Steeds

Steeds are monsters that can be riden by players. Most steeds are bought or rented 
from a stable located in a town, some steeds can be captured in the wild to be used. 
To use a steed you must know how to ride, only fighters can naturally ride  
without having to learn. To learn how to ride you must seek out a riding trainer. 
There is rumored to be one somewhere in siva valley. 
If your riding skills is not good enough there is a chance the steed may buck  
you off at any random time. 
All steeds can be trained by visiting a horsewhisper, currently located near edelmoed. 
Owned steeds can be trained in the following: 
    loyalty:   This is how loyal a steed is to thier owner, this  
               will prevent others being able to ride them and give them items. 
    wandering: This is how likly your steed is not to wander around when your  
               not riding it or in the room with it. 
Riding commands: 
    Ride/Mount [steed] - Mount a steed to ride them around. 
    Dismount - Dismount off your steed. 
    Order [steed] to [action] - All steeds can be ordered to stay or follow,  
        see help order for more details. 
    Remove [item] from [steed] - Remove an item from the steed 
    Examine [item] on [steed] - examine an item on the steed, any  one can  
        examine an item,  if you train your steed to be loyal it will now allow  
        anyone but the owner to examine. 
    Look over [item] on [steed] - same as examine item, just allows look to work 
    Give - it uses the standard give, but only items allow for a steed can  
           be given. If an item is not allowed for a steed it will be refused 
           Allowed items: food, drinks, staddles, quivers, and armor for steeds.  
           *Note not all steed armor can be worn for steeds if they have different limbs. 
    Note: All commands factor in loyalty. 
Riding commands when multiple riders: 
    Ride/Mount allow [name] - if steed has an owner this controls 
        how addition riders can ride once they have mounted the steed. 

See also: order

HelpPlayer General • Steeds

07:32, Lockday, Denki 7, 179 AD.

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