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You can learn different languages from a sage. By studying languages you can hope  
to learn a language a monster may speak as many may only talk in that lanaguage. 
Sage commands: 
    ask [sage] about remaining time - The sage will tell you how much mud  
        time you have left to finish studying. 
    ask [sage] about languages - The sage will tell you what languages he is  
        able to teach you. 
    ask [sage] about time for [language] - The sage will tell you how much  
        time you have left before you reach the next proficiency level. 
    study [language] for [time] - Allows you to spend experience points to  
        advance your language skill for a period of time. Time can be  
        'maximum time' to study up to one full day or up to the amount of  
        experience you have to spend, or any combination of the following: 
            # second/seconds, # minute/minutes or 1 day. 
        If you leave the room you will be rewarded for the time up to that point. 
        Note you can study for a maximum amount of one mud day. 
    check time for [language] - The sage will tell you the  approximate time  
        you have left before you move to the next language level. 
Note: most sages do not allow being killed and will ban you for 15 minutes. 

See also: ask, languages, tongues

HelpPlayer General • Studying

12:08, Lockday, Denki 17, 179 AD.

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