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HelpPlayer General • Subclasses

Subclasses are divisions within the major adventuring classes available  
on ShadowMUD. Every class has a set of subclasses its members may join. 
Choosing a class on ShadowMUD is mandatory--choosing a subclass, however, 
is not. The idea of subclassing is to allow for a character who wishes  
to specialize in a certain one of the skills associated with their main  
These skills are detailed in a separate helpfile for each class. 
Class    Help File 
-----    --------- 
Cleric   <help cleric faith> 
Fighter  <help fighter combat> 
Mage     <help mage magic> 
Monk     <help monk discipline> 
Rogue    <help rogue deception> 
To get specific information on a given subclass, you must be a member 
of the appropriate class, be at least level ten, and find the trainer 
who is the master of that subclass, or in the case of Clerics, find 
the head priest or priestess of the appropriate deity. These people 
will be able to divulge a description of their chosen profession. 
For more information on the actual process of joining a subclass. 

See also: subclassing, journeyman

HelpPlayer General • Subclasses

05:55, Darkday, Denki 9, 179 AD.

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