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HelpPlayer General • Subclassing

Subclassing is the process of joining a subclass. The overall idea and  
procedure are the same for all five of ShadowMUD's classes. 
You must be at least level 10 to join a subclass. Subclassing is not  
mandatory--you are welcome to remain a general member of your class  
with a broad range of abilities. There is also no upper limit on the  
level at which you may join a subclass. 
Each class has a set of skills (6 usually, 8 in the case of Clerics)  
which governs the commands used by that class: Prayer for Clerics, Magic  
for Magi, Deception for Rogues, Combat for Fighters, and Discipline for  
Monks. Joining a subclass alters your maxes in your class skills. When 
you pick a subclass, you are choosing to specialize in one of these 
skills. The help files listed below for each class show how the skills  
for your class are related to each other. The rest of this file will 
explain a little bit of how these skills are affected when you subclass, 
so it will make more sense if you check the circle of skills at the 
bottom of your class's help file first. 
These are the help files describing the skills for each class: 
Class    Help File 
-----    --------- 
Cleric   <help cleric faith> 
Fighter  <help fighter combat> 
Mage     <help mage magic> 
Monk     <help monk discipline> 
Rogue    <help rogue deception> 
The diagram at the bottom of each file shows how the skills are related  
to each other. The one at the center is your main control skill. That  
skill is not affected by subclassing--it has the same max for every  
member of your class. When subclassing you will decide your main subclass 
to master, and optionally which ones you secondary or journeyman in. 
If your skill is higher than this new max, you will lose points. 
When deciding your subclass you will need to find the master trainer for that 
subclass. For mages and rogues you apprenticeship for your main master, and journeyman 
for your secondaries. Fighters you specialize for main and journeyman for your  
secondaries, for monks you join a clan or journeyman a clan. 
For clerics you follow a deity, savant for your secondaries, and adept in your thirds. 
The result of the new maxes is that you can gain commands at higher or 
lower levels than someone of a different subclass. You may expect at 
level 100 to get up to rank L in your control skill and your specialty 
skill, rank J or K in the secondary or journeyman ones, and rank 
G at maximum in the other twos skills. In the case of clerics, who have 
eight skills, the two remaining ones, you can expect to have up to rank G in your  
control skill, and up to some rank E's in every other class skill. 
Abilities will also try and take into account if you have subclassed/journeymaned 
or not and provide a boost when compared to someone that has not subclassed, 
For example monk estrength, if subclassed as a mind monk they will get an extended 
period of time and power, if journeymaned they will also get an extended period but 
a smaller amt, while none subclassed with get a basic time and power. 
NOTE: Abilities may be limited to a only those of main subclass 
to promote unquiness, balance, or other design choices. Any ability limited in such 
a way will have it noted in thier help file some way. 

See also: subclasses, journeyman

HelpPlayer General • Subclassing

12:10, Vaigday, Kantki 20, 178 AD.

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