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The ShadowMUD supports several different sets of escape sequences 
for maximum compatibility with the various terminal emulations out there. 
Most terminal emulations (vt100) for example either use the full ansi 
escape sequences or the sequences for bolding. ShadowMUD supports the 
following escape sequence protocols: 
    ansi - enable standard ansi colors, see help color 
    xterm - enable xterm 256 color support 
    mxp - force the use of MXP color tag to emulate 256 xterm colors 
    unknown (this is default, for non-color terminals) 
Use the <setenv> command to set your terminal protocol. 
Check <help color> to see how to say things in color. 
Note that many mud clients use escape sequences, and therefore may become 
confused by certain terminal types.  'unknown' will never mess up. 
By default ShadowMUD will attempt to auto detect your termial settings 
and turn on or off different features based on that detection, you can 
force the mud to not do that and lock your terminal type using  
<setenv termlock true> and what ever setting you have 
in in setenv term will always be used from that point on. 

See also: color, xterm, setenv

HelpPlayer General • Terminal

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