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HelpPlayer General • Traits

Your genetically inherited physical traits is how your body reacts to the  
environment, from how you can eat, drink, and can carry to how well you do  
in combat. 
The six stats are the following: 
    Strength - This is the main fighter but also affects  
        physical power from how much you can hold to how strong you hit with your fist. 
    Constitution - No class uses this as a main point but it  
        affects your stamina and endurance. 
    Intelligence - This is the main stat for mages as magics  
        and represents knowledge, logic, and cognition.  
    Wisdom - This is the main stat for monks it defines as  
        intuition, mental endurance, and mental strength 
    Dexterity - This is the main stat for rogues and is a  
        players fine motor skills and how nimble they are. 
    Charisma - This is the main stat for clerics and is defined  
        as mental charisma, persuasiveness, how well something likes you or just plain luck 
    Each class revolves around a central stat and two additional stats, some  
subclasses may have different stats that effect them more then the main class  
stat for example a device rogue may require more intelligence and dexterity then charm. 
Class stats: main, second, third 
Cleric: charisma, wisdom, constitution 
    Baeron: charisma, strength, intelligence 
    Edorin: charisma, intelligence, wisdom 
    Ianthe: charisma, wisdom, intelligence 
    Makkairi: charisma, wisdom, strength 
    Phaedrus: charisma, strength, wisdom 
    Vndyrwynd: charisma, wisdom, intelligence 
    Zaal: charisma, wisdom, intelligence 
Fighter: strength, constitution, dexterity 
    Barbarian: strength, dexterity, constitution 
    Centurion: strength, dexterity, constitution 
    Knight: strength, wisdom, dexterity 
    Marksman: strength, dexterity, intelligence 
    Ranger: strength, intelligence, dexterity 
    Warrior: strength, wisdom, dexterity 
Mage: intelligence, wisdom, charisma 
    Conjuror: intelligence, wisdom, dexterity 
    Elementalist: intelligence, wisdom, strength 
    Necromancer: intelligence, wisdom, charisma 
    Planeswalker: intelligence, wisdom, strength 
    Sorcerer: intelligence, wisdom, charisma 
Monk: wisdom, strength, dexterity 
    Feather Clan: wisdom, strength, dexterity 
    Hoof Clan: wisdom, dexterity, strength 
    Spirit Clan: wisdom, dexterity, intelligence 
    Tail Clan: wisdom, dexterity, strength 
    Talon Clan: wisdom, strength, dexterity 
Rogue: dexterity, charisma, intelligence 
    Acrobat: dexterity, wisdom, charisma 
    Assassin: dexterity, intelligence, charisma 
    Bard: dexterity, charisma, intelligence 
    Thief: dexterity, wisdom, intelligence 
    Thug: dexterity, strength, charisma 
    Trickster: dexterity, intelligence, charisma 

See also: stats, faq

HelpPlayer General • Traits

04:26, Lockday, Denki 7, 179 AD.

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