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[07-03 07:11][Chat]Hesiod: I haven't been around in awhile and ave not played around with crafting at all, so I could not tell you. Sorry.
[07-03 16:15][Chat]Stryder: ACK...
[07-03 16:29][Chat]Music fills the line, 'And another one gone, and another one gone. Another one bites the dust.'
[07-03 18:04][Chat]Rasputin: how does one acquire fried meth? sounds like a moonshine country state fair staple.
[07-03 18:24][Chat]Brutus: Stryder I'm using a pair of golden broadswords myself :)
[07-03 18:24][Chat]Stryder: NICE.
[07-03 18:24][Chat]Brutus: gotta sail and risk death for that :)
[07-03 18:27][Chat]Why: oh hey, Stryder. to answer your question from yesterday, yes you can smelt down weapons and stuff to make new things
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09:17, Lockday, Kortki 7, 170 AD.

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