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[10-17 21:46][Chat]Am: if it is like berserk..then I'm smashing a stone at the first sign of it :)
[10-17 21:46][Chat]Tao: hmm
[10-17 21:46][Chat]Rtmethacton watches from the shadows
[10-17 21:47][Chat]Am: folks, just remember that Kill's fighters typically have more than 7000 hp by legend. :)
[10-17 21:48][Chat]Am: NEVER arena them without the 1st edition holyarmor :)
[10-17 21:48][Chat]Kill: oooo
[10-17 21:48][Chat]Kill: we should try sparring with holyarmor sometime, Am :)
[10-17 21:48][Chat]Am: with am? not even close. Recluse would have a better chance.
[10-17 21:48][Chat]Kill: whoever :D
[10-17 21:48][Chat]Am: 2.5 the def and armor :)
[10-17 21:49][Chat]Kill has plenty dirty tricks :)
[10-17 21:49][Chat]Tao: i need to learn these tricks
[10-17 21:49][Chat]Am knows a couple also.
[10-17 21:49][Chat]Am: too bad my favorite doesn't exist here.
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11:19, Vaigday, Altki 5, 165 AD.

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