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[07-27 19:50][Fighter]Valhal: hrm...apparently my stats are maxxed
[07-27 19:50][Fighter]Valhal: skills need a tiny bit of work
[07-27 19:50][Fighter]Aim: get all your crafting, stone, blacksmithing and woodworking ?
[07-27 19:51][Fighter]Aim: I have one weapon skill that is not in the 300s.
[07-27 19:51][Fighter]Valhal: I have crafting and blacksmithing.
[07-27 19:51][Fighter]Valhal: misc and missile need work
[07-27 19:51][Fighter]Aim: ironically, its missle and I picked this name to make an archer fighter :)
[07-27 19:51][Fighter]Aim: and my missile sits at 17
[07-27 19:52][Fighter]Aim: you need a great war fan for misc training
[07-27 19:52][Fighter]Valhal: I'm not sure what I was using
[07-27 19:52][Fighter]Aim: I'd hit up my [] sitters for some nice war fan if I were you :)
[07-27 19:52][Fighter]Aim: they've maxxed crafting
[07-27 19:53][Fighter]Aim: Am even maxxed large sword at 50
[07-27 19:53][Fighter]Aim: that was not easy or fast mind you. :)
[07-27 19:53][Fighter]Valhal: hehe
[07-27 19:53][Fighter]Aim: probably over 10 million xp into
[07-27 19:57][Fighter]Icewolfz: your missing a skill, you dont have leather one
[07-27 19:57][Fighter]Icewolfz: your missing leathering and sewing
[07-27 20:03][Fighter]Aim: I'm missing all sorts of stuff
[07-27 20:03][Fighter]Aim: am and rec are must better
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17:44, Darkday, Kortki 19, 177 AD.

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