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[03-24 07:06][Fighter]NEWS: Aim is now level 45.
[03-24 07:31][Fighter]NEWS: Aim is now level 46.
[03-24 08:07][Fighter]NEWS: Aim is now level 47.
[03-24 08:07][Fighter]NEWS: Aim is now level 48.
[03-24 09:19][Fighter]NEWS: Aim is now level 49.
[03-24 09:38][Fighter]NEWS: Aim is now level 50.
[03-24 10:05][Fighter]NEWS: Aim is now level 51.
[03-25 12:08][Fighter]Icewolfz: post them on the board, granted thinking of them doenst mean they can be coded
[03-25 12:08][Fighter]Axenos: <SpearKnight> ok
[03-25 12:09][Fighter]Icewolfz: i have a list of ideas in my notes just never got raound to coding them
[03-25 12:09][Fighter]Icewolfz: betwwen sidetracked/lazy/other stuff
[03-25 12:09][Fighter]Aim: Eventually, I'm going to attempt archer.
[03-25 12:09][Fighter]Icewolfz: i have one called pirouette that has a note of AOE
[03-25 12:09][Fighter]Axenos: <SpearKnight> yes! :)
[03-25 12:09][Fighter]Icewolfz: archer is simailr to knight in missing commands
[03-25 12:10][Fighter]Icewolfz: <pirouette> - This attack causes your steed to pivot around quickly allowing you strike multiple opponents. There is a chance that your mount will be so enraged by your actions though, that he may become uncontrolable.
[03-25 12:10][Fighter]Axenos: <SpearKnight> I think with a horse, you should be able to bump multiple monsters out of a toom at once
[03-25 12:10][Fighter]Aim: I'm doing poorly at becoming one tho.
[03-25 12:10][Fighter]Axenos: <SpearKnight> Aim, I got something for ya
[03-25 12:10][Fighter]Aim: I haven't subbed, archery is 31 and missle is 1 :)
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18:46, Flameday, Kepki 8, 174 AD.

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