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[03-25 12:13][Fighter]Icewolfz: andit still had issues
[03-25 12:13][Fighter]Icewolfz: that are stil lbeing fixed as they pop up
[03-25 12:14][Fighter]Icewolfz: debugging and testing take the most time
[03-25 12:14][Fighter]Icewolfz: reason why i tend to just amke srue commadns dont break thignsto bad and just add in and let you all find issues for me so i dont have t ospend weeks trying to find ways to break them
[03-25 19:55][Fighter]NEWS: Aim is now level 52.
[03-25 20:06][Fighter]Icewolfz: aim low!
[03-25 20:07][Fighter]Axenos: <SpearKnight> Aim toothpaste!
[03-25 20:08][Fighter]Icewolfz: aim death
[03-25 20:08][Fighter]Axenos: <SpearKnight> Aim for balls on Icewolfz
[03-25 20:08][Fighter]Axenos ducks out of the way.
[03-25 20:09][Fighter]Icewolfz: Axenos is suddenly an it.
[03-25 20:09][Fighter]Aim for level 53.
[03-25 20:09][Fighter]Axenos: <SpearKnight> WOOOO!
[03-25 20:11][Fighter]NEWS: Aim is now level 53.
[03-25 20:11][Fighter]Axenos: <SpearKnight> Double down!!!
[03-25 20:12][Fighter]Axenos: <SpearKnight> Yo Icey
[03-25 20:25][Fighter]NEWS: Axenos is now level 97.
[03-25 20:25][Fighter]Aim: woot!
[03-25 20:26][Fighter]Axenos: <SpearKnight> peer pressure. :)
[03-25 20:26][Fighter]Aim: lol
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19:55, Vaigday, Denki 15, 174 AD.

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