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[07-26 21:29][Fighter]Aim: oh I figured attack
[07-26 21:29][Fighter]Icewolfz: jarem teaches attack
[07-26 21:30][Fighter]Aim: no, he's not listing it
[07-26 21:30][Fighter]Icewolfz: maybe i didnt upate him right
[07-26 21:32][Fighter]Icewolfz: think tehre may be a bug with demo
[07-26 21:32][Fighter]Icewolfz: wierd bug
[07-26 22:35][Fighter]Icewolfz: figther fix may have gotten it this time
[07-26 22:36][Fighter]Icewolfz: i had a filter line in the wrong spot
[07-26 22:36][Fighter]Icewolfz: it hsould have been filtering the target list every loop and it was not
[07-26 22:36][Fighter]Icewolfz: removing dead targets
[07-26 22:36][Fighter]Icewolfz: i will get kill to try it late rhe tends ot break things
[07-26 22:36][Fighter]Aim: he is around
[07-26 22:37][Fighter]Icewolfz: i will get him to play next time he pops on
[07-26 22:37][Fighter]Icewolfz: no rush
[07-26 22:37][Fighter]Icewolfz: i think most of the major breakers are gone now
[07-26 22:38][Fighter]Aim: just did 16 muskox no lag
[07-26 22:38][Fighter]Icewolfz: yeah i think it was just the filter in the wrong place this last time
[07-26 22:38][Fighter]Icewolfz: i had i in the target loop instead of the hit loop
[07-26 22:38][Fighter]Aim: granted I had to melee the last 4 since you cut the power down a lot :)
[07-26 22:39][Fighter]Icewolfz: so it was doing while(hits/targets) foreach {target(if!target)sskip; do damge; filter}
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06:42, Lockday, Ketralki 2, 179 AD.

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