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[02-10 19:10][Fighter]NEWS: Barf is now level 4.
[02-12 22:15][Fighter]Zanatos: Greetings Brother Darwyn!
[02-12 22:16][Fighter]Zanatos: I ain't trying to be a douche I am I just want to start this year off Fresh Slate
[02-12 22:19][Fighter]Darwyn: Wait, why would you be a douche?
[02-12 22:19][Fighter]Darwyn high fives Zanatos.
[02-12 22:20][Fighter]Icewolfz: yu do know the year has already been over 1/12 of the way
[02-12 22:20][Fighter]Icewolfz: so your alreayd 8% into the new year
[02-12 22:20][Fighter]Icewolfz: if it helps chinese new year is the 16th
[02-12 22:20][Fighter]Icewolfz: and they celebrate it for 15 days
[02-12 22:23][Fighter]Zanatos: sorry its just a General Message :P
[02-12 22:23][Fighter]Zanatos: my Birthday is on Tuesday of Next Week
[02-12 22:25][Fighter]Icewolfz: Zaal yells: PADDLE!
[02-19 04:29][Fighter]NEWS: Axenos is now level 93.
[02-20 22:11][Fighter]Zanatos: KILL EM ALL!!
[02-20 22:11][Fighter]Zanatos: YES ALL!!!
[02-22 12:03][Fighter]NEWS: Darwyn is now level 100.
[02-27 03:39][Fighter]Deadpool <Words> chimichangas!
[03-01 22:33][Fighter]NEWS: Rafferty is now level 65.
[03-03 06:32][Fighter]NEWS: Axenos is now level 94.
[03-03 08:02][Fighter]Are: Congratulations!
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18:52, Flameday, Kepki 8, 174 AD.

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