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[12-14 20:35][Mage]Starfox: hmmm....i think i recall that, its been awhile since i watched next gen
[12-14 20:35][Mage]Starfox: wait crazy black lady?
[12-14 20:36][Mage]Starfox: hmmm....
[12-14 20:36][Mage]Icewolfz: wore more then just gold
[12-14 20:36][Mage]Starfox: well im gonna watch some next gen tomorrow anyways
[12-14 20:37][Mage]Why: yeah she had been part of some long lived all knowing race, got bored and became a bar tender
[12-14 20:37][Mage]Starfox: hmmm the poisonbolt does work
[12-14 20:38][Mage]Starfox: and rather quickly
[12-14 20:38][Mage]Starfox: intresting...
[12-14 20:40][Mage]Starfox: phew
[12-14 20:41][Mage]Starfox: hmm the mother wyvern didnt appear this time
[12-14 20:42][Mage]Starfox: Why?
[12-14 20:45][Mage]Why: yes?
[12-14 20:45][Mage]Starfox: whats a ruby torc
[12-14 20:45][Mage]Why: basicly a necklace
[12-14 20:45][Mage]Why: with a ruby in it
[12-14 20:45][Mage]Starfox: does it do anything
[12-14 20:46][Mage]Icewolfz: your a mage either use spelsl or pay for them
[12-14 20:46][Mage]Starfox: true
[12-14 20:46][Mage]Icewolfz: i cant mermebr
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04:49, Shadowday, Praxi 6, 179 AD.

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