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[04-25 15:46][Monk]Icewolfz: most rooms dont have a item check i think
[04-25 15:46][Monk]Icewolfz: ships have checks for sure
[04-25 15:47][Monk]Asp well not items but a mob
[04-25 15:47][Monk]Icewolfz: other areas have monster checks ot avoid more then 15 monsters
[04-25 15:47][Monk]Icewolfz: the ideal # of monsters in aroom is around 15ish
[04-25 15:47][Monk]Asp nice.. 15 monsters in one room
[04-25 15:47][Monk]Icewolfz: after htat they things tend ot break
[04-25 15:47][Monk]Icewolfz: so most areas wiht lots of monster or wanderings have a 15 limit
[04-25 15:47][Monk]Icewolfz: with minor loop holes like minions/steeds
[04-25 15:48][Monk]Asp so if a monk completes a round of training combat more trainers enter the room to take over..
[04-25 15:49][Monk]Icewolfz: or you couldj st go kill real monsters ;)
[04-25 15:50][Monk]Asp no xp is gained for level, as with the language
[04-25 15:50][Monk]Asp some of us (insane types like to train up skills 1st) then murder, its just a working thought
[04-25 15:51][Monk]Icewolfz: doable but not sure how many would use it as proabbly faster to just kill things then dump the xp
[04-25 15:52][Monk]Asp im seeing that.. still just a thought =]
[04-25 15:52][Monk]Asp thinking of things to fill up the hall
[04-25 15:56][Monk]Asp bows need to go
[04-26 06:56][Monk]NEWS: Rhasyr is now level 91.
[05-04 10:29][Monk]Asp Monks the stuffing out of Newt!!
[05-10 15:22][Monk]Asp sneaks pass the others and slides across the floor to end up within reach of you.. He grins tooth fully and drops to the floor and sweeps your legs out from under you, then Monks you MIGHTILY!!! just Cuz
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18:57, Darkday, Praxi 19, 177 AD.

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