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[03-30 19:31][Monk]Asp good show
[03-30 19:32][Monk]NEWS: Dorryn is now level 13.
[03-30 19:32][Monk]Asp DAMN
[03-30 19:33][Monk]Dorryn: Stayed down in the tundra for a loong time :)
[03-30 19:33][Monk]Asp tundra is a fun place.
[03-30 20:04][Monk]NEWS: Dorryn is now level 14.
[03-30 20:04][Monk]Asp B O O M!!!!
[03-30 20:05][Monk]Dorryn: Think that will be the last one tonight...close to sleepy time
[03-30 20:05][Monk]Asp looks the the sun.... WTH ARE YOU
[03-30 20:26][Monk]NEWS: Dorryn is now level 14.
[03-30 21:10][Monk]NEWS: Dorryn is now level 15.
[03-30 21:47][Monk]NEWS: Dorryn is now level 16.
[03-30 22:26][Monk]NEWS: Dorryn is now level 17.
[03-30 22:52][Monk]NEWS: Dorryn is now level 18.
[03-30 23:04][Monk]Asp are monks suppost to be able to use punch commands with polearms?
[03-30 23:05][Monk]Asp hrms well maybe
[03-30 23:05][Monk]Dorryn: Not sure, know some commands got re-worked to allow wepons
[03-30 23:06][Monk]Dorryn: Do you get a message about planting or leveragin the weapon?
[03-30 23:15][Monk]NEWS: Dorryn is now level 19.
[03-30 23:15][Monk]Asp loves polearms
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08:57, Lockday, Roki 17, 169 AD.

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