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[04-08 18:46][Monk]Icewolfz: as i can now adjust the ranges wiht out having to repalce belts
[04-08 19:30][Monk]Asp gi top, and bottom, head band, or hood, sandles, or chines shoes, or ninja footware.
[04-08 20:35][Monk]Asp although I did just screw myself out of a black belt
[04-08 22:21][Monk]Asp Hate ME!!
[04-08 22:21][Monk]NEWS: Asp is now level 85.
[04-08 22:22][Monk]Durant: why?
[04-08 22:22][Monk]Asp shake
[04-08 22:22][Monk]Durant: gotta love the '0' belt
[04-08 22:22][Monk]Durant: guessing I need to get a new one?
[04-08 22:23][Monk]Asp no!!!
[04-08 22:36][Monk]Durant: jk got a black belt :)
[04-08 23:33][Monk]Asp blah I light armor but the repair cost was high, had to let it go
[04-08 23:34][Monk]Asp drops 'had'
[04-08 23:37][Monk]Durant: how much?
[04-08 23:39][Monk]Asp well after a 3 hour tour of tundra It costed 200 to repair
[04-08 23:39][Monk]Durant: doesn't sound like much?
[04-09 17:07][Monk]Asp Durant??
[04-09 22:13][Monk]Asp check the suit and see what the cloak does for ya
[04-09 22:14][Monk]Durant: kk
[04-09 22:24][Monk]Durant: yeah, suit is good!
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19:38, Darkday, Altki 14, 172 AD.

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