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[11-21 12:02][Monk]Asp for me? So far I start whining about the cold,
[11-21 12:03][Monk]Asp tho I haven't tested the idea as of late. I believe if I was to keep 3 Items I should be able to fight just as well
[11-21 12:04][Monk]Asp so tempting..
[11-21 12:04][Monk]Kobol: oh?
[11-21 12:05][Monk]Asp I do believe monks can and could just wear non-armor. I'll have to test it. I am at
[11-21 12:06][Monk]Icewolfz: proabably should creat some type of abilit like the skins clerics have for monks
[11-21 12:06][Monk]Icewolfz: mind over matter type things
[11-21 12:06][Monk]Icewolfz: or the 'chi' to make skin hard as steel
[11-21 12:06][Monk]Kobol: would make sense
[11-21 12:06][Monk]Icewolfz: got an idea on my todo for a basic mend type command for monks
[11-21 12:06][Monk]Icewolfz: wher they use thier chi/aura to 'heal' target
[11-21 12:07][Monk]Icewolfz: as a high level discipline
[11-21 12:07][Monk]Asp the less a monk encumbrance is I find I dance way better
[11-21 12:08][Monk]Asp we are selfish class, If I have to pour tea into some cleric mouth I might hurt them =]
[11-21 12:08][Monk]Icewolfz: yeah i need to proably tweak how weight efects hit/miss more
[11-21 12:08][Monk]Asp though the thought of being more party friendly wouldn't hurt
[11-21 12:09][Monk]Icewolfz: to try and make it nicer for those that want to attempot armorless fighting
[11-21 12:09][Monk]Asp me and mah big mouth =]
[11-21 12:10][Monk]Asp I like being at trival
[11-21 12:11][Monk]Icewolfz: overall monks proabably are the hardest class to think of ideas for next to fighters ;)
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09:05, Shadowday, Ketralki 16, 184 AD.

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