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[11-07 11:07][Monk]NEWS: Asp is now level 94.
[11-16 21:20][Monk]NEWS: Kobol has joined the monks.
[11-16 21:53][Monk]NEWS: Kobol is now level 2.
[11-17 08:06][Monk]NEWS: Kobol is now level 3.
[11-17 10:14][Monk]NEWS: Kobol is now level 4.
[11-21 11:49][Monk]Asp WOW tigerfury nice
[11-21 11:53][Monk]Kobol: wow. another monk! :)
[11-21 11:54][Monk]Asp the Monk
[11-21 11:54][Monk]Asp the shortest FREAKING Monk to boot
[11-21 11:54][Monk]Kobol the student
[11-21 11:54][Monk]Asp blah
[11-21 11:55][Monk]Asp bows to Kobol, you have picked the hardest and at times one class tuhat I find every enjoyable.
[11-21 11:56][Monk]Kobol: What, would you say, makes it hard?
[11-21 11:56][Monk]Asp besides I can't play anything else 'I like dancing and keeping things off balance'
[11-21 11:57][Monk]Asp timing, it all comes down to timing
[11-21 11:57][Monk]Kobol: Ah. I guess I haven't gotten to the point where timing matters terribly much :)
[11-21 11:57][Monk]Asp once you got your timing on toss, topple, and your attacks, and normal Idle melee, then your good
[11-21 11:58][Monk]Asp well I lived through dual wearing shields. ya can't learn to be a monk wearing 2 shields, silly really
[11-21 12:00][Monk]Asp =] plus I love, hurting things with my Odhrean given hands.. it helps to have tekagi-shuko , brass knuckles yeah, I some times put them away and run around naked. Just to see if I can.
[11-21 12:00][Monk]Kobol: and how does that usually go?
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06:19, Shadowday, Ketralki 16, 184 AD.

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