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[02-16 08:45][Monk]Buster enjoys a certain level of challenge.
[02-17 13:45][Monk]NEWS: Buster is now level 81.
[02-18 17:08][Monk]Selflite: MONKS NEWT Asp wisiy
[02-18 17:09][Monk]Icewolfz: learn to draw an you can do selfies
[02-18 17:10][Monk]Selflite: Like id do a # Im so lame I drew myself for a selfie
[02-22 20:36][Monk]NEWS: Rhasyr is now level 87.
[02-28 19:34][Monk]NEWS: Rhasyr is now level 88.
[03-09 12:02][Monk]NEWS: Rhasyr is now level 89.
[04-11 16:32][Monk]NEWS: Morhe has joined the monks.
[04-12 11:36][Monk]NEWS: Asp is now level 93.
[04-14 16:26][Monk]Asp Bows deeply to Master Durant: greetings Master
[04-22 08:17][Monk]NEWS: Rhasyr is now level 90.
[04-25 15:37][Monk]Asp hrm monk training room expanded. monk hall with different rank belted monks all kills are stuns, during training through out the complex and grounds of the monk hall temple
[04-25 15:39][Monk]Asp no armor
[04-25 15:39][Monk]Asp no weapons
[04-25 15:39][Monk]Asp km
[04-25 15:40][Monk]Asp just a ton of mobs to train up a few points in a skills
[04-25 15:41][Monk]Asp have to spend the time in the different rooms to gain a point, something like studying languages, but you get to fight for it, instead of sitting on your buns
[04-25 15:42][Monk]Asp maybe wood dumbies? nay need monks helping other monks to train and focus thier skills
[04-25 15:45][Monk]Asp the higher level the monk skill is the longer it would be to train. so half of level 5 kicks 2 to 3 rooms. at 93 level skill 1000 rooms in one room, different wall painting and trainers.
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06:10, Darkday, Roki 19, 180 AD.

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