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[08-09 22:59][Newbie]Icewolfz: it is well salt water..
[08-09 22:59][Newbie]Daker: Okay, the troll is a lot easier with properskills
[08-10 00:38][Newbie]Daker: Why does shield keep fizzling?
[08-10 00:39][Newbie]Rhexx: Spells are not automatic success here. Depends on Int/Wis and skill
[08-10 00:40][Newbie]Daker: *nod* It just seems strange when it fizzles 10 times in a row
[08-10 00:40][Newbie]Icewolfz: random chance
[08-10 00:40][Newbie]Daker: there we go
[08-10 00:45][Newbie]Daker: wow, being drunk and full really helps with regen
[08-10 01:02][Newbie]Daker: Magic MIssile seems to do more damage, is ther eany advantage to BUrn? Or is it just there to level up element?
[08-10 09:53][Newbie]Daker: Can anyone fish, or is survival class specific?
[08-10 09:56][Newbie]Nova: survival is a skill anyone can learn
[08-10 09:56][Newbie]Daker: JUst need to find the trainer
[08-10 10:05][Newbie]Nova: you used to be able to just fish, and it would start training the skill, not sure if that works anymore after the update to survival
[08-10 10:08][Newbie]Daker: Does the number of attacks and or length of a fight have any effect on xp earned?
[08-10 10:09][Newbie]Nova: not exactly, but the tougher the monster, the longer the fight, and xp is based on how tough the monster is
[08-10 10:21][Newbie]Daker: Does sp stand for social points?
[08-10 10:29][Newbie]Daker: Is there more than one study room for spells, or are the spells listed at the base mage area the only spells?
[08-10 11:07][Newbie]Nova: the ones at the mage hall are all the low level spells, for the higher level spells you have to go out and find the other trainers
[08-10 11:08][Newbie]Rhasyr: By the time you need them you will most likely have found them with normal exploration
[08-10 14:29][Newbie]Daker: Why did my map clear?
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19:22, Lockday, Ketralki 12, 173 AD.

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