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[01-24 09:22][Newbie]Why: sure, whats it about?
[01-24 09:33][Newbie]Puppet: see im learning
[01-24 09:33][Newbie]Puppet: maybe
[01-24 09:33][Newbie]Wllz: ooh channels, i forgot
[01-24 09:36][Newbie]Wllz: my last bank trans was in 2013 so yeah been a while
[01-24 09:39][Newbie]Puppet: K how do I learn attacks? Im at the mages guild but nothin
[01-24 10:06][Newbie]Puppet: whats the help file for eating food
[01-24 10:06][Newbie]Nova: isn't one
[01-24 10:06][Newbie]Nova: just eat food
[01-24 10:06][Newbie]Puppet: how do I eat. eat?
[01-24 10:07][Newbie]Nova: 'eat food'
[01-24 10:07][Newbie]Puppet: k that means this shrimp tail isnt food
[01-24 10:07][Newbie]Puppet: stupid bait cart
[01-24 10:07][Newbie]Nova: nope, its fish bait
[01-24 10:08][Newbie]Why: try eating the catfish
[01-24 10:09][Newbie]Puppet: lol thanks.
[01-24 10:30][Newbie]Puppet: ah
[01-24 10:50][Newbie]Puppet: am I on a island
[01-24 11:00][Newbie]Nova: no, you're on the main land mass, you can't get ti islands until level 19
[01-24 11:06][Newbie]Puppet: im assuming I should be using a staff
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18:36, Darkday, Roki 4, 170 AD.

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