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[11-12 20:24][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> mostly just use him to quick test things <-{-
[11-12 20:24][Rogue]Stone: I know. exactly :)
[11-12 20:24][Rogue]Stone: if you played'd see whats too hard and too easy more easily without our 'filter' to protect our cash, xp cows.
[11-12 20:25][Rogue]Stone: when I see something really broken, I report it
[11-12 20:25][Rogue]Stone: when I see something that works for me...heh, maybe, maybe not :)
[11-12 20:25][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> not relaly <-{-
[11-12 20:25][Rogue]Stone: and I'm more honest than most rogues.
[11-12 20:26][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> many of the things are for people tha tfigure them out as pros <-{-
[11-12 20:26][Rogue]Stone: remember when the naga islanders were giving gold instead of copper ?
[11-12 20:26][Rogue]Stone: lol
[11-12 20:26][Rogue]Stone: it killed me to be honest about that
[11-12 20:27][Rogue]Stone: I knew that meant making mines the most profitable area, and about 1/10th as much
[11-12 20:27][Rogue]Stone: so I did the right thing after my buffs ran out the 4th time.
[11-12 20:28][Rogue]Stone *lol*
[11-12 20:33][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> well there are other wyas ot get money <-{-
[11-12 20:33][Rogue]Stone: like the caches around the mud
[11-12 20:34][Rogue]Stone: but the best one is reserved for those that use crafting
[11-12 20:34][Rogue]Stone: but its unatainable levels of xp at mid levers
[11-12 20:34][Rogue]Stone: levels
[11-12 21:29][Rogue]NEWS: Stone is now level 22.
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19:41, Darkday, Praxi 19, 177 AD.

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