Monument ShadowMUD


[11-20 12:40][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> with my tweaks <-{-
[11-20 12:40][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> not much elsei cna do wiht otu a total damage recode <-{-
[11-20 12:41][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> since it i sa rank a its proabbaly not goign ot get much high even wiht scaling unless i dig int othe core damage systems <-{-
[11-20 12:41][Rogue]Intoll: Its all good, least we fixed Tune
[11-20 12:41][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> bug was in the bard bonus systems <-{-
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02:34, Vaigday, Aenterki 5, 182 AD.

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