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[10-13 09:55][Rogue]Brutus: congrats!
[10-13 09:55][Rogue]Pip: Thanks
[10-13 10:17][Rogue]Brutus: hmm.
[10-13 10:17][Rogue]Brutus: there isn't a single special attack we can use with staff
[10-13 10:18][Rogue]Brutus: there must be a couple that would make sense.
[10-13 10:18][Rogue]Pip: Yeah
[10-13 10:18][Rogue]Brutus: ambush might make sense.
[10-13 10:19][Rogue]Brutus: well wind works
[10-13 10:20][Rogue]Brutus: and kneecap
[10-13 10:20][Rogue]Pip: Lots of thug skills require blunt.
[10-13 10:21][Rogue]Brutus: blackjack
[10-13 10:21][Rogue]Pip: Waylay
[10-13 10:25][Rogue]NEWS: Pip is now level 42.
[10-13 10:25][Rogue]Brutus: congrats. Powering up?
[10-13 10:25][Rogue]Pip: Working on stats now at this level.
[10-13 10:26][Rogue]Pip: As much as I can until I get bored then i'll level some more.
[10-13 10:26][Rogue]Brutus: I never like pausing on even levels, except 100
[10-13 10:27][Rogue]Brutus knows you get about .49% better everything on an odd due to rounding and a lot of 8 bit random still in game.
[10-13 10:27][Rogue]Pip: Ah
[10-13 10:28][Rogue]Brutus: anything that uses level in the calc gets that fractional random boost.
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19:01, Flameday, Praxi 18, 176 AD.

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