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[11-27 20:20][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> basically you will bebaleto tryand cut your self free or try and brute force out <-{-
[11-27 20:20][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> and after a period of time it iwll just wither away <-{-
[11-27 20:20][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> and yeah shadowflcker still needs moer work <-{-
[11-27 20:20][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> i added limitors as i think ti was crashing the mud <-{-
[11-27 20:20][Rogue]Malice: I like it actually
[11-27 20:20][Rogue]Malice: I like the multi-roud carry-over thing
[11-27 20:21][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> it still needs reworking i just havnt gotten around to ti <-{-
[11-27 20:21][Rogue]Malice: Well, it hasnt done anything wonky on this end so far
[11-27 20:22][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> i think my quick fix from last time fixed it somewhat <-{-
[11-27 20:23][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> am hoping the new vinetangle ocne i get it done baances physical vs faith <-{-
[11-27 20:23][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> it will last around 10 or 15 sconds give or take <-{-
[11-27 20:23][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> but you can cut it to try and get otu faster <-{-
[11-27 20:23][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> down side is ebrytiem you try yo uget damage from teh throns <-{-
[11-27 20:23][Rogue]Malice: is it spam out or only so may attempts per round?
[11-27 20:24][Rogue]Malice: ah, that actually is a good balance
[11-27 20:24][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> well it hasthe 30 actiosn a beat <-{-
[11-27 20:24][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> but each time you try can cu you get damage from teh thorns <-{-
[11-27 20:24][Rogue]Malice: that could be a lot of damage too... I like that
[11-27 20:24][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> so you cna spam but watch as you could die too <-{-
[11-27 20:25][Rogue]Malice: how bad is the damage?
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17:09, Lockday, Aenterki 2, 167 AD.

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