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[11-09 14:29][Rogue]Stryder: Bard plus thug would be awesome.
[11-09 14:29][Rogue]Stryder: BARD gets 4.5 blunt a level... so, as a thug, that would be EPIC.
[11-09 14:31][Rogue]Sin: now, to find this bard to train with ...
[11-09 14:32][Rogue]Stryder thinks you would have luck in a village NORTH of Edelmoed... one with elves in it.
[11-09 14:32][Rogue]Stryder winks.
[11-09 14:34][Rogue]Sin: Ah, an old kiling grounds of mine. I guess I shouldnt do that atm
[11-09 14:34][Rogue]Stryder: Probably not... look for a jester...
[11-09 14:35][Rogue]Sin: wait, they get an aoe at rank a. wow
[11-09 15:21][Rogue]NEWS: Sin is now journeymaned in Bard!
[11-09 15:21][Rogue]Stryder: Woo hoo!!
[11-09 15:22][Rogue]Stryder: Welcome to the Shakespeare sub class... LOL
[11-09 15:22][Rogue]Sin: So I basically bash people in the head with blackjacks then sing to them
[11-09 15:23][Rogue]Sin: this is going to get weird quick
[11-09 15:23][Rogue]Stryder: YES...
[11-09 15:23][Rogue]Stryder: Feedback is a MULTIATTACK... and the most costly level A in the game.
[11-09 15:23][Rogue]Xytras: I thought Feedback was something your coworkers gave, often unwarranted.
[11-09 15:23][Rogue]Xytras: :)
[11-09 15:23][Rogue]Sin: oh yea, but its the only aoe in the game that i know of, unless icey got ridiculous somewhere else
[11-09 15:24][Rogue]Sin: no, thats reddit
[11-09 15:24][Rogue]Xytras: hahah, that works too
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18:58, Darkday, Praxi 19, 177 AD.

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