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[12-24 21:26][Rogue]Lynxo: GOOD neutral... LOL. I steal from bad people.
[12-24 21:27][Rogue]Brutus: lol
[12-24 21:27][Rogue]Brutus: that'd really hurt me
[12-24 21:27][Rogue]Brutus: perforate checks alignment
[12-24 21:27][Rogue]Lynxo: Plus, I make Lug my bitch regularly.
[12-24 21:27][Rogue]Lynxo: There can only be ONE... top thug
[12-24 21:27][Rogue]Brutus: I've done in Lug a couple of times.
[12-24 21:27][Rogue]Brutus: long ago
[12-24 21:28][Rogue]Lynxo: Killing him makes you good.
[12-24 21:28][Rogue]Brutus: lol
[12-24 21:28][Rogue]Lynxo has killed him... using ONLY box
[12-24 21:28][Rogue]Brutus: offering corpses makes me bad. Phaedrus is the one.
[12-24 21:28][Rogue]Lynxo: Ah.
[12-24 21:29][Rogue]Brutus: I butcher and offer like a madman
[12-24 21:29][Rogue]Brutus: extra meat I offer.
[12-24 21:29][Rogue]Brutus: keeps that stuff where it needs to be :)
[12-24 21:29][Rogue]Lynxo: Get A LOT of heals that way.
[12-24 21:30][Rogue]Brutus: define a lot? I get a lot more via tell nova mheal
[12-24 21:30][Rogue]Brutus: tell nova mheal all
[12-24 21:30][Rogue]Brutus: lol
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06:22, Lockday, Kepki 2, 168 AD.

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