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[11-27 21:15][Rogue]Kubo: for cap
[11-27 21:15][Rogue]Malice: and does everyone get the same caps?
[11-27 21:15][Rogue]Malice: it would make sense that some classes/subs/races are better than others.
[11-27 21:15][Rogue]Brutus: I've been collecting ore
[11-27 21:15][Rogue]Malice: me too.
[11-27 21:15][Rogue]Brutus: but I'm not sure how to use it
[11-27 21:16][Rogue]Malice: smelting would be a start.
[11-27 21:16][Rogue]Brutus: I have a 30 in crafting
[11-27 21:16][Rogue]Malice: ... though I forget who teaches that skill.
[11-27 21:16][Rogue]Brutus: nar ?
[11-27 21:16][Rogue]Brutus: in Edelmoed ?
[11-27 21:16][Rogue]Malice: I'm up to 80... that'll let you learn platemail patterns.
[11-27 21:16][Rogue]Brutus: chick in Dwarveshome is more skilled
[11-27 21:17][Rogue]Brutus: i've figured that out
[11-27 21:17][Rogue]Brutus: but I mean like how to I get a forge
[11-27 21:17][Rogue]Malice: I think nar is sewing and woodworking?
[11-27 21:17][Rogue]Brutus: blacksmithing
[11-27 21:17][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> some day <-{-
[11-27 21:17][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> right now just blacksmithing works <-{-
[11-27 21:17][Rogue]Malice: so far I have Leathering, blacksmithing, stonemasonry, wood, sewing
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08:22, Lockday, Denki 12, 167 AD.

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