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[07-27 18:45][Rogue]Brutus: stats and abilities are counter.
[07-27 18:45][Rogue]Lynxo: Hmmm... never tried it.
[07-27 18:45][Rogue]Phreako: :)
[07-27 18:45][Rogue]Brutus: Dex is low, vision poor.
[07-27 18:46][Rogue]Brutus: speaks wulinaxin
[07-27 18:46][Rogue]Brutus: so do I.
[07-27 18:46][Rogue]Brutus: without faeriespeed
[07-27 18:46][Rogue]Phreako: oh thats what its from?
[07-27 18:46][Rogue]Brutus: don't worry, intelligence is also low, so that will slow that down. :)
[07-27 18:47][Rogue]Phreako: hehe
[07-27 18:47][Rogue]Phreako: its my first so..
[07-27 18:47][Rogue]Brutus: HOWEVER
[07-27 18:47][Rogue]Phreako: yeeeesss?
[07-27 18:49][Rogue]Brutus: charisma is high, so acrobat or thug might work well.
[07-27 18:50][Rogue]Brutus: so is wisdom, so if you do another satyr, do a cleric or monk. :)
[07-27 18:50][Rogue]Phreako: doesnt have to be a satyr but ill consider it
[07-27 20:08][Rogue]NEWS: Phreako is now level 8.
[07-27 20:08][Rogue]NEWS: Phreako is now level 9.
[07-27 20:08][Rogue]Stitch: Woot!!!
[07-27 20:08][Rogue]Stitch: ty Woo!
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02:23, Shadowday, Kantki 11, 171 AD.

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