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[05-08 17:33][Rogue]Morgan: Howdy!
[05-08 17:33][Rogue]Stryder: How goes it?
[05-08 17:34][Rogue]Morgan: Mildly lumpy. How goes things for you/
[05-08 17:34][Rogue]Stryder: I am starting to really like BARD... it is unique.
[05-08 17:35][Rogue]Morgan: Yeah, the couple bard commands I've picked up are fun
[05-08 17:36][Rogue]Stryder: I took it as a MAIN. It changes your weapon and attack skills per level quite a bit.
[05-08 17:37][Rogue]Stryder: A bard with streetwise would be tough... bards get extra blunt.
[05-08 17:37][Rogue]Morgan: fun :)
[05-08 17:38][Rogue]Stryder: Just some food for thought.
[05-08 17:38][Rogue]Stryder: I went with murder and devices since they all use the same stats... dex, int, and cha.
[05-08 17:57][Rogue]Stryder: welcome back
[05-08 17:57][Rogue]Dmx: thx :)
[05-08 17:57][Rogue]Dmx: How goes, Stryguy?
[05-08 17:57][Rogue]Stryder: not bad
[05-08 17:58][Rogue]Dmx: good :)
[05-09 12:02][Rogue]NEWS: Jhelrekde has joined the rogues.
[05-09 12:28][Rogue]NEWS: Jhelrekde is now level 2.
[05-09 12:40][Rogue]NEWS: Jhelrekde is now level 3.
[05-09 13:15][Rogue]NEWS: Jhelrekde is now level 4.
[05-09 13:15][Rogue]NEWS: Jhelrekde is now level 5.
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00:29, Vaigday, Denki 15, 173 AD.

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