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[05-21 19:28][Rogue]NEWS: Morgan is now level 55.
[05-23 07:50][Rogue]NEWS: Dinin is now level 97.
[05-23 16:58][Rogue]NEWS: Stryder is now level 43.
[05-23 18:31][Rogue]NEWS: Dinin is now level 98.
[05-23 20:45][Rogue]NEWS: Dinin is now level 99.
[05-24 09:04][Rogue]NEWS: Dinin is now level 100.
[05-27 18:36][Rogue]Dinin twirls his sword.
[05-27 18:36][Rogue]Rogre: Dinny!
[05-27 18:36][Rogue]Dinin bows.
[05-27 18:36][Rogue]Rogre: how goes, sir?
[05-27 18:36][Rogue]Dinin: pretty good, getting my skills up
[05-27 18:37][Rogue]Dinin: im perma cloaked right now....
[05-27 18:38][Rogue]Rogre: deep cover!
[05-27 18:38][Rogue]Dinin: hahah even through combat
[05-27 18:38][Rogue]Rogre: yeah, I don't mess with it :) I like em to see it coming :)
[05-27 18:39][Rogue]Dinin: hahahah im not trying to i think im bugged for some reason
[05-27 18:39][Rogue]Dinin: not complaining though
[05-27 18:39][Rogue]Dinin grins.
[05-28 15:31][Rogue]NEWS: Rogre is now level 100.
[05-28 22:07][Rogue]Naprox does the dance of Death & nods to you in thanks, then fades in to the darkness
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06:16, Darkday, Roki 14, 175 AD.

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