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[10-13 19:05][Rogue]Stryder: east of hyra?
[10-13 19:06][Rogue]Brutus: you have to get a blue key, kill xavier and hiroshi then dive into the pool
[10-13 19:07][Rogue]Brutus: it should be a quest given all the steps
[10-13 19:07][Rogue]Stryder: Oh boy... some other time then.
[10-13 19:07][Rogue]Brutus: lol
[10-13 19:07][Rogue]Brutus: like when you can run the web client at last.
[10-13 19:07][Rogue]Stryder: I am exhausted and barely awake.
[10-13 19:07][Rogue]Stryder: That would be nice.
[10-13 19:07][Rogue]Brutus: I'll bail after next repop. I'm bored :)
[10-13 19:07][Rogue]Brutus: oo
[10-13 19:07][Rogue]Brutus: just popped.
[10-13 19:07][Rogue]Brutus: so like 5 minutes.
[10-13 19:08][Rogue]Stryder: NICE.
[10-13 19:09][Rogue]Stryder: I buried my mom on Friday, so... this past week has been hellish.
[10-13 19:10][Rogue]Stryder: I am WAY sleep deprived.
[10-13 19:10][Rogue]Brutus: I'm in square
[10-14 22:08][Rogue]NEWS: Boco is now level 49.
[10-14 22:08][Rogue]NEWS: Boco is now level 50.
[10-14 22:16][Rogue]NEWS: Boco is now covered is 23 herbs and spices.
[10-14 22:30][Rogue]Boco hides.
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04:56, Darkday, Kortki 14, 177 AD.

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