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[07-23 08:18][Rogue]Lynxo: I paused at 5.
[07-23 08:19][Rogue]Phreako: had no idea
[07-23 08:19][Rogue]Phreako: ill manage
[07-23 08:19][Rogue]Lynxo: True.
[07-23 08:19][Rogue]Phreako: whys here with me
[07-23 08:19][Rogue]Lynxo: That will help... a lot
[07-23 08:19][Rogue]Phreako: nod
[07-23 08:19][Rogue]Phreako: yup
[07-23 12:48][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> stitch bringer of death! <-{-
[07-23 12:48][Rogue]Stitch: Hells to the yeah!!!
[07-23 12:49][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> for where stitch walks blood follows! <-{-
[07-23 13:01][Rogue]Lynxo: I did not want you to get mobbed, Stitch.
[07-23 13:01][Rogue]Stitch: Thanks, but thanks to Recluse I can handle it. Not always, but now yes, :)
[07-23 13:01][Rogue]Lynxo: Ah. okay.
[07-23 13:02][Rogue]Falstaff: Whoa, an active Rogue line. Love it.
[07-23 13:02][Rogue]Lynxo: It DOES happen.
[07-23 13:02][Rogue]Stitch: It was so nice of you to think of me Lynxso
[07-23 13:10][Rogue]Lynxo: Doh... sorry.
[07-23 16:13][Rogue]Lynxo wonders why he tries to use a polearm...
[07-23 19:16][Rogue]Lynxo: Does he need help?
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01:44, Shadowday, Kantki 11, 171 AD.

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