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[11-16 21:11][Fighter]Icewolfz: try removing the alias and remaking it?
[11-16 21:11][Fighter]Shador: ah well at least it work now
[11-16 21:11][Fighter]Shador: yeah I did couple of time
[11-16 21:12][Fighter]Icewolfz: yeah least iwrosk
[11-16 21:12][Fighter]Icewolfz: still wierd
[11-16 21:12][Fighter]Icewolfz: my onyl guess is a setting in the alias was causing an issue
[11-16 21:12][Fighter]Icewolfz: and remaking or renaing it maybe fixedi t
[11-16 21:12][Fighter]Shador: yeah
[11-16 21:12][Fighter]Shador: going to try on safari now
[11-16 21:13][Fighter]Icewolfz: hopfully ti will work in safar
[11-16 21:13][Fighter]Icewolfz: overall i figuerd it would work since it worked in 4 other browsers
[11-16 21:13][Fighter]Shador: yeah it does
[11-16 21:13][Fighter]Icewolfz: thats good at least you can make a workign alais even if gca is being a pia
[11-16 21:13][Fighter]Shador: yeah
[11-16 21:13][Fighter]Icewolfz: overall no clue why
[11-16 21:14][Fighter]Icewolfz: only other suggestion is if it keeps happening is export your settings/profiles/maps and reset settings/profiles
[11-16 21:14][Fighter]Shador: ok
[11-16 21:14][Fighter]Icewolfz: which in theoru should wipe all teh data from browser
[11-16 21:14][Fighter]Icewolfz: and restore to default
[11-16 21:14][Fighter]Icewolfz: granetd not sure if that would help
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17:03, Lockday, Aenterki 2, 167 AD.

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