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[04-26 14:21][Fighter]Zanatos: Fantastic..need anything ?
[04-26 14:22][Fighter]Jomsval: I've had far more charity than I deserve I think.
[04-26 14:23][Fighter]Zanatos: its a Familyhood when it comes to being a stuff is your stuff my money belongs to the Fighters and the guild
[04-26 14:23][Fighter]Jomsval: I am beginning to see that. :)
[04-26 14:28][Fighter]Icewolfz the rogue in fighter disguise robs you blind!
[04-26 14:29][Fighter]Jomsval: no! all my pocket lint!
[04-26 14:29][Fighter]Zanatos: man what a bummer
[05-01 09:02][Fighter]NEWS: Rafferty is now level 57.
[05-06 00:48][Fighter]Zanatos: lo there
[05-06 00:48][Fighter]Jomsval: do I see my father...
[05-06 00:48][Fighter]Jomsval: lo there do I see my mother and my sisters, and my brothers..
[05-06 00:48][Fighter]Jomsval: lo there they do call to me
[05-06 00:49][Fighter]Jomsval: lo they do call to me
[05-06 00:49][Fighter]Jomsval: and there I screwed that up.
[05-06 01:00][Fighter]NEWS: Jomsval is now level 20.
[05-06 01:03][Fighter]NEWS: Jomsval is now level 21.
[05-06 01:15][Fighter]Jomsval: night!
[05-07 12:51][Fighter]Zanatos: you made it to HM congrats
[05-07 12:51][Fighter]Jomsval: thanks!
[05-07 12:51][Fighter]Zanatos: your welcome my Brother
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14:12, Darkday, Praxi 19, 171 AD.

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