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[12-06 16:29][Fighter]Sterling: Try to get some higher level commands up and in.
[12-06 18:39][Fighter]Sterling: I hope you guys have some tactics skill.
[12-06 21:52][Fighter]Icewolfz: enojy the new command, any issues bug them
[12-06 23:36][Fighter]Icewolfz: enw figther command
[12-06 23:36][Fighter]Zanatos: yeah ? whats that
[12-06 23:36][Fighter]Icewolfz: rank i tactics
[12-06 23:37][Fighter]Icewolfz: choke
[12-06 23:37][Fighter]Zanatos: we can now Choke ? :P
[12-06 23:37][Fighter]Icewolfz: basically get trgert in a sleeper hold
[12-06 23:39][Fighter]Zanatos: I have up to G on Tatctics
[12-06 23:40][Fighter]Icewolfz: now ther is arank i
[12-06 23:40][Fighter]Icewolfz: no t suer on rank h yet
[12-06 23:40][Fighter]Axenos: <SpearKnight> hmmm
[12-06 23:40][Fighter]Icewolfz: not sure if i have a rank h coded yet
[12-06 23:40][Fighter]Zanatos: Kill EM ALL!!!
[12-06 23:40][Fighter]Kill <Ogre> Zany!!! Yes, all!!
[12-06 23:40][Fighter]Icewolfz: any issues let me know
[12-06 23:40][Fighter]Icewolfz: teb coded it and been testing it on dev
[12-06 23:49][Fighter]Icewolfz: fixed
[12-06 23:50][Fighter]Kill <Ogre> woo!
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00:36, Vaigday, Kortki 15, 172 AD.

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