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[10-19 15:47][Fighter]Kill <Ogre> Dude! I heard about your untimely demise. :(
[10-19 15:48][Fighter]Zanatos: its not fair man I am just gonna put that out there I am finding it hard to understand
[10-19 15:48][Fighter]Kill <Ogre> what happened?
[10-19 15:49][Fighter]Zanatos: I went there to be safe I didn't think for one second that I was gonna be killed for no reason
[10-19 15:50][Fighter]Kill <Ogre> she auto attacked you??
[10-19 15:50][Fighter]Zanatos: Ulga Killed me when I wasn't even at my keyboard ...why would I sit there and just let her kill me
[10-19 15:51][Fighter]Kill <Ogre> u show Icey your log?
[10-19 15:52][Fighter]Zanatos: No I don't have a log of it becasue I had no reason to believe I would die
[10-19 15:52][Fighter]Kill <Ogre> sometimes you can scroll up after you die and see it in your buffer
[10-19 15:53][Fighter]Kill <Ogre> are you sure no triggers made you start combat?
[10-19 15:53][Fighter]Zanatos: I couldn't see that far up casue when I logged back in I was a Ghost
[10-19 15:53][Fighter]Kill <Ogre> have any triggers that make you start combat?
[10-19 15:54][Fighter]Zanatos: yes I do but if I'm asleep in bed how would that work ?
[10-19 15:54][Fighter]Kill <Ogre> All a trigger needs is the right sentence coming across the screen
[10-19 15:54][Fighter]Kill <Ogre> idling somewhere you can fight is a BAD idea for one
[10-19 15:54][Fighter]Kill <Ogre> square is a great place
[10-19 15:55][Fighter]Kill <Ogre> everywjere else, not as much
[10-19 15:55][Fighter]Zanatos: this was a peaceful area no Monster could go in that area
[10-19 15:55][Fighter]Kill <Ogre> Ulga just got killed by me
[10-19 15:55][Fighter]Kill <Ogre> she'd fight back if I let her
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18:15, Darkday, Kortki 9, 172 AD.

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