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[11-16 20:53][Fighter]Shador: yeah but it should work no?
[11-16 20:53][Fighter]Icewolfz: hmm it should
[11-16 20:53][Fighter]Icewolfz: try just putting each command on a new line
[11-16 20:53][Fighter]Icewolfz: your doing command;command2 etc...?
[11-16 20:54][Fighter]Shador: yeah
[11-16 20:54][Fighter]Shador: changed to all new line and removed semi-colon and still no go
[11-16 20:54][Fighter]Shador: do I need click multi on bottom?
[11-16 20:55][Fighter]Icewolfz: well that didnt work
[11-16 20:55][Fighter]Icewolfz: yeah ; dont seem to parse as command stack
[11-16 20:55][Fighter]Icewolfz: not sure why could be i did it to make it easier
[11-16 20:55][Fighter]Icewolfz: or assumed since multi edit box it was easier to just make a command on each line
[11-16 20:56][Fighter]Icewolfz: multi is not needed
[11-16 20:56][Fighter]Icewolfz: that settings i more for the stacking
[11-16 20:56][Fighter]Icewolfz: eg if you have 2 profiles wiht 2 alias of the same name
[11-16 20:56][Fighter]Shador: seem stacking command not working.. I tried just use new line instead of semi-colon and still no go
[11-16 20:56][Fighter]Icewolfz: that options tells it ot stop or run all
[11-16 20:57][Fighter]Wolfen: well comamnd stacking does work
[11-16 20:57][Fighter]Wolfen: i forgot i disabled it in my webclient for editing code
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14:44, Darkday, Praxi 19, 171 AD.

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