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[11-17 11:43][Fighter]Valhal: ooohhh..hold on too...I'll bring someone to help you with quicken and giantstr :)
[11-17 11:44][Fighter]Shador: ok
[11-17 11:48][Fighter]Shador: whoa I'm hitting more than one hit per round
[11-17 11:48][Fighter]Valhal: that's quicken
[11-17 11:48][Fighter]Shador: make archery look weak now ha
[11-17 11:49][Fighter]Valhal: it's why you can train so quickly
[11-17 11:49][Fighter]Valhal: it makes all your specials look week :P
[11-17 11:49][Fighter]Valhal: you can essentially idle kill your way to legend if you could stand the boredom :)
[11-17 11:49][Fighter]Valhal: afk a bit
[11-17 11:50][Fighter]NEWS: Shador is now level 10.
[11-17 11:56][Fighter]NEWS: Shador is now a Marksman!
[11-17 12:12][Fighter]Shador: umm pearl is random drop?
[11-17 12:18][Fighter]Valhal: it's not random.
[11-17 13:11][Fighter]NEWS: Shador is now level 11.
[11-17 13:12][Fighter]NEWS: Shador is now a follower of Valkyr!
[11-17 13:32][Fighter]Shador: is salve same as potion?
[11-17 13:35][Fighter]Valhal: salve heals you more than those newbie potions
[11-17 13:36][Fighter]Shador: ah cool okay
[11-17 13:36][Fighter]Valhal: you can buy some other potions in Siva.
[11-17 13:36][Fighter]Valhal: don't have britches of life do you?
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19:39, Darkday, Altki 14, 172 AD.

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