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[11-20 11:10][Fighter]Valhal: ya
[11-20 11:11][Fighter]Shador: how good is riding? (knights) I haven't found riding trainer to see their commands heh
[11-20 11:11][Fighter]Shador: wonder if they have some stuff that help archery
[11-20 11:12][Fighter]Valhal: he's in the siva Valley to the west of where you come over the pass from the westlands
[11-20 11:12][Fighter]Valhal: Sir Rawlin is who you're looking for.
[11-20 11:13][Fighter]Shador: thank
[11-20 11:13][Fighter]Shador: umm seem melee focused as well
[11-20 11:13][Fighter]Valhal: help journeyman
[11-20 11:13][Fighter]Valhal: try that :)
[11-20 11:14][Fighter]Valhal: I would definitely pick warrior but the others are kinda up in the air.
[11-20 11:15][Fighter]Valhal: I think if you don't pick a second specialty you get higher skills all around though
[11-20 11:15][Fighter]Shador: seem like only warrior have rank I skill too
[11-20 11:15][Fighter]Valhal: so you may want to just think about only archery
[11-20 11:15][Fighter]Valhal: whirlstorm is just devastating :)
[11-20 11:16][Fighter]Valhal: Should see Kill use it :)
[11-20 11:16][Fighter]Shador: help journeyman make it sound like when I first subclass.. all other class drop lower until I pick secondaries
[11-20 11:16][Fighter]Valhal: they do
[11-20 11:17][Fighter]Valhal: but when you secondary, only the secondaries come up...the rest drop even lower.
[11-20 11:17][Fighter]Shador: ah
[11-20 11:17][Fighter]Valhal: two-handed maxes at 2.5 per level
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18:57, Darkday, Kortki 9, 172 AD.

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