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[04-27 20:16][Mage]Am: you should cure too
[04-27 20:23][Mage]Am: starfox ok.
[04-27 22:06][Mage]NEWS: Am is now level 20.
[04-27 22:30][Mage]NEWS: Am is now level 21.
[04-30 19:46][Mage]NEWS: Gronk has joined the mages.
[04-30 19:46][Mage]Am: cool!
[04-30 19:47][Mage]Gronk: Not yet. But one day I hope to be :)
[04-30 19:50][Mage]Am: Coolios.
[04-30 19:50][Mage]Am: I have no idea how to be a mage
[04-30 19:50][Mage]Am: I know I am doing it wrong.
[04-30 19:51][Mage]Gronk: I'm sure I'll join you in doing it wrong soon :)
[04-30 19:51][Mage]Why: don't feel bad, i haven't figured it out yet either
[04-30 19:51][Mage]Am: lol
[04-30 19:52][Mage]Why: just an fyi, We can't fight dragons at level 71
[04-30 19:52][Mage]Am: ok
[04-30 19:52][Mage]Am: might get kragg before long tho
[04-30 19:52][Mage]Gronk: Will try to remember that when I get there :)
[04-30 19:53][Mage]Am: use a legend clerics stuff, use your stuff, and hit and run
[04-30 19:53][Mage]Am: I am just working on my million gold for a boat
[04-30 19:54][Mage]Why: I'm just looking for my right hand
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04:53, Vaigday, Aenterki 5, 182 AD.

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