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[12-09 21:53][Mage]NEWS: Andro is now level 32.
[12-10 18:09][Mage]NEWS: Andro is now level 32.
[12-10 20:16][Mage]NEWS: Algol has joined the mages.
[12-11 21:02][Mage]NEWS: Exit has joined the mages.
[12-11 21:02][Mage]Icewolfz: enter and exit the mage
[12-13 12:48][Mage]NEWS: Why is now level 43.
[12-13 19:34][Mage]NEWS: Why is now level 44.
[12-14 00:26][Mage]The flame calls you!
[12-14 00:28][Mage]Embrace teh flame!
[12-14 00:31][Mage]NEWS: Starfox is now level 15.
[12-14 00:31][Mage]Why: congrats!
[12-14 00:31][Mage]Starfox: thanks, only 5 more to fo plus a stupid quest
[12-14 00:31][Mage]Human torch: FLAME ON!
[12-14 00:31][Mage]Starfox: no
[12-14 00:31][Mage]Starfox: flame off
[12-14 00:32][Mage]Why: if you need a ride to do the quest let me know, i'll take you on my boat
[12-14 00:32][Mage]Starfox: its on an island?
[12-14 00:32][Mage]Why: maybe
[12-14 00:32][Mage]Starfox: oh great
[12-14 00:33][Mage]Why: part of the quests purpose is to make sure you're familiar with the whole world
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02:10, Vaigday, Altki 15, 172 AD.

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