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[12-14 15:31][Mage]Why: did you catch the fact that all the make/fabricate/etc were rolled in to one spell?
[12-14 15:32][Mage]Andro: Um . . .
[12-14 15:32][Mage]Andro: nope. I think I need to go visit some archmagi.
[12-14 15:33][Mage]Why: yep, conjuring. called create now
[12-14 15:33][Mage]Why: create list will give you the list of things you can create
[12-14 15:33][Mage]Andro has to go learn create
[12-14 15:33][Mage]Andro *thought* her spellbook looked a little short
[12-14 15:35][Mage]Why: find what you're looking for?
[12-14 15:39][Mage]Andro: remind me. What level for rank D spells?
[12-14 15:40][Mage]Why: for a non subclassed mage, should be around 30 to 35
[12-14 15:40][Mage]Andro: thaaaanks you :)
[12-14 15:41][Mage]Andro: well, all my skills are at least 50 (except necro cause I'm lame) but no rank D for elementals
[12-14 15:42][Mage]Why: i think rank D comes in at 100 skill
[12-14 15:42][Mage]Andro: that makes more sense. Level level not skill level.
[12-14 15:42][Mage]Andro will eventually remember how to mage again
[12-14 15:48][Mage]Why: visiting all the archmages?
[12-14 15:48][Mage]Andro nods. Been a long time since I have, and things have changed.
[12-14 15:48][Mage]Andro is learning new spells and new cantrips
[12-14 15:53][Mage]Andro gasps
[12-14 15:53][Mage]Andro never paid attention before to the fact that Rilunar is female.
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19:55, Darkday, Denki 14, 173 AD.

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