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[04-02 16:21][Monk]Asp
[04-02 16:21][Monk]Asp sorry
[04-02 17:12][Monk]NEWS: Dorryn is now level 32.
[04-02 17:12][Monk]Asp monks Dorryn. Gratz
[04-02 17:14][Monk]Dorryn: Thanks
[04-02 23:54][Monk]NEWS: Asp is now level 81.
[04-03 00:12][Monk]Asp blah i need to train on naga to increase sweep
[04-03 12:03][Monk]Asp MOnks Newt
[04-03 12:03][Monk]Newt bonks Asp monkishly
[04-03 12:04][Monk]Asp mud birthday or irl
[04-03 12:04][Monk]Newt: irl
[04-03 12:06][Monk]Asp now I have to see if I can salt heart
[04-03 12:08][Monk]Asp dang it
[04-03 12:08][Monk]Durant chuckles.
[04-03 12:09][Monk]Asp i know I'll give Yahwen a female elf heart... hrms
[04-03 12:12][Monk]Asp bam!!!
[04-03 12:13][Monk]Asp blah can't salt hearts
[04-03 12:23][Monk]Asp dang it can't get a mammoths hear
[04-03 12:23][Monk]Asp dang it can't get a mammoths heart
[04-03 12:26][Monk]Asp Bam!!! got it
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05:33, Flameday, Praxi 18, 172 AD.

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