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[03-16 15:54][Monk]Asp I gave you the shadow cloak.. drop the furry coat the talisman will keep ya safe
[03-16 15:55][Monk]Asp sighs.. Okay I have a crystal bandedmail helmet thats pretty light and good armour, and some boots too.
[03-16 18:06][Monk]Asp grins I have 51
[03-16 18:07][Monk]Asp I get to none encumbrance level.. Need Khord to test what weight does
[03-16 18:07][Monk]Kermorvan: I am down to very light
[03-16 18:08][Monk]Asp nods 'well I'll be shopping so any time ya want to check stuff, hopefully I gots for ya
[03-16 18:09][Monk]Kermorvan: Cool thanks, I forget to shop most days. I have Tkhar with teleports at shops so it goeas pretty quick
[03-16 18:10][Monk]Asp nods
[03-16 18:10][Monk]Asp sorry I just try to spread the monk love
[03-16 20:26][Monk]Asp boo
[03-17 16:42][Monk]Icewolfz: going ot try and get rank i in later tonight for monks
[03-17 16:42][Monk]Icewolfz: i have it coded i just need to test it on dev
[03-17 16:45][Monk]Asp which clan?
[03-17 16:47][Monk]Icewolfz: core
[03-17 16:48][Monk]Icewolfz: monks still lack core i, j k and l
[03-17 16:48][Monk]Icewolfz: i have htem noted down just not creaetd
[03-17 16:48][Monk]Icewolfz: as we havnt had many high monks
[03-17 16:48][Monk]Asp nods
[03-17 16:48][Monk]Asp I've loved the combo's
[03-17 16:49][Monk]Icewolfz: updating hte trainier now
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03:22, Darkday, Kepki 19, 169 AD.

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