Monument ShadowMUD


[04-04 19:47][Monk]Weezer: Boo yeauh
[04-04 19:47][Monk]Pike: Monk Madness!
[04-04 19:47][Monk]Weezer: Welcome!!!!
[04-04 19:48][Monk]Weezer: OooOooOoOo
[04-04 19:48][Monk]Weezer: Idea time!
[04-04 19:48][Monk]Weezer: Wanna be my adopted son?
[04-04 19:48][Monk]Weezer: I can be the godfather.
[04-04 19:48][Monk]Pike: oooo
[04-04 19:48][Monk]Pike Morget'nak
[04-04 19:48][Monk]Weezer: Yeah
[04-04 19:48][Monk]Weezer: You fit the bill!
[04-04 19:48][Monk]Pike: when I get big enough, it's on! :D
[04-04 19:49][Monk]Weezer: Alright
[04-04 19:49][Monk]Weezer: Time to do some statting...
[04-04 19:49][Monk]Weezer: Think I'll cap Wis first.
[04-04 19:49][Monk]Weezer: I might hunt for my own ear stud.
[04-04 19:50][Monk]Weezer: In time.
[04-04 19:50][Monk]Weezer: I know where to get one
[04-04 19:50][Monk]Pike: Rogre has spares
[04-04 19:50][Monk]Weezer: Hmm..ok, then I can get spares for myself!
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00:38, Darkday, Praxi 19, 176 AD.

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