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[09-19 16:03][Chat]Uxue: pretty good :)
[09-19 16:04][Chat]Uxue just supped!
[09-19 16:24][Chat]3! 3 active!
[09-19 16:24][Chat]Icewolfz: must be middle of the week plus the hrruciane
[09-19 16:24][Chat]Icewolfz: nova must be busy
[09-19 18:23][Chat]Are: evening.
[09-19 18:23][Chat]Stryder: Hello
[09-19 18:24][Chat]Are: I'll be on with rec and am in a bit
[09-19 18:24][Chat]Are: I forgot to lock my computer last night, cats restarted it and I didn't check on it this morning.
[09-19 18:24][Chat]Stryder: No worries.
[09-19 18:24][Chat]Are: its a good time to update everything, so that's what I'm working on.
[09-19 18:24][Chat]A cat hisses and pees in your chair
[09-19 18:24][Chat]Stryder: It has been an... interesting... last few days.
[09-19 18:25][Chat]Icewolfz blames Are now his pc wants to reset
[09-19 18:26][Chat]Are: emergency updates
[09-19 18:26][Chat]Icewolfz: yeah i just checked and it said updates waiting for restart had i knwo i would have restarted eariler
[09-19 18:26][Chat]Are: fairly important. If I knew your IP, I could probably hack in in under 15 seconds.
[09-19 18:26][Chat]Icewolfz: your chat made me think i hsould checked
[09-19 18:26][Chat]Icewolfz: well thar elike 10 pcs on this router so youd have to figure out which is what
[09-19 18:26][Chat]Are: the main hack is the router hack
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01:45, Shadowday, Kantki 11, 171 AD.

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