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[03-01 15:02][Chat]Icewolfz: i blame kill
[03-01 15:02][Chat]Nova: what did we break this time?
[03-01 15:12][Chat]Icewolfz: fixed a bug with mammoths and elephants
[03-01 15:20][Chat]Deadpool: Tina, eat the food!
[03-01 15:21][Chat]Deadpool hurls casserole at Tina.
[03-01 15:32][Chat]Nova: the arrow bug or something new?
[03-01 20:49][Chat]Recluse: horder
[03-01 20:49][Chat]Deadpool: sounds legit.
[03-01 20:50][Chat]Recluse: ran me down to under 300 mp with all that blessing and holyweaponing
[03-01 20:50][Chat]Recluse: :)
[03-01 23:51][Chat]Darwyn sighs
[03-01 23:51][Chat]Sigh darwyns
[03-01 23:51][Chat]Darwyn: Allos Icey
[03-01 23:52][Chat]Megamind: ello!
[03-02 00:07][Chat]Starfox: You will be assimilated. Your typoism and anti-spellchecker programs will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.
[03-02 12:21][Chat]Deadpool: Zany!!
[03-02 12:22][Chat]Zanatos: yes hi there
[03-02 12:40][Chat]Darwyn: Wade!
[03-02 12:40][Chat]Deadpool: Weasel!
[03-02 12:41][Chat]Darwyn: Don't know who Weasel is, but I need to head out into this hurricane to get to work
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08:22, Lockday, Denki 12, 167 AD.

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