Monument ShadowMUD


[06-08 20:34][Chat]Icewolfz: aim low!
[06-08 20:34][Chat]Aim: for the stars
[06-08 20:41][Chat]Icewolfz: you wannt come join in rock n roll?
[06-08 20:43][Chat]Brutus: anyone else need to clear the it and get credit ?
[06-08 20:43][Chat]Brutus: if so, join me at the northern entrance to red plains
[06-08 20:43][Chat]Brutus: I'll wait 3 minutes while I get a smoky treat
[06-08 20:45][Chat]Rock: hehe
[06-08 20:45][Chat]Icewolfz: he lives!
[06-08 20:45][Chat]Brutus: so when you log in 30 chars, we need follow allow *
[06-08 20:46][Chat]Rock: having late dinner, go ahead
[06-08 20:46][Chat]Brutus: ok
[06-08 20:46][Chat]Brutus: ok I'm going to wait a few more minutes, didn't get that smoke yet
[06-08 20:50][Chat]Brutus: ok clearing it
[06-08 20:53][Chat]Icewolfz: when in dock rock rolled it!
[06-08 21:30][Chat]Brutus: interested in partying red plains. tell to start.
[06-08 22:48][Chat]Zanatos: hello Muddies
[06-08 22:48][Chat]Rock: Z Man!
[06-08 22:48][Chat]Zanatos: hey man
[06-08 22:53][Chat]Brutus: goes well
[06-08 22:54][Chat]Brutus: red plains are open and there are 3 ways in, one doesn't even require 120 climbing
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18:47, Shadowday, Kortki 1, 176 AD.

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