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[04-06 21:51][Chat]Zanatos: damn Lag
[04-06 21:51][Chat]Amazon: why do craig and deboe have matching shirts on at the end of friday? Lame
[04-06 21:59][Chat]Amazon sighs.
[04-06 22:13][Chat]Zanatos: wow hat went well :(
[04-06 22:16][Chat]Zanatos: is there a game called Primus a Mud mabey ?
[04-06 22:16][Chat]Pike: no idea
[04-06 22:17][Chat]Zanatos: I don't either man I just dunno its like walking into a wall
[04-06 22:18][Chat]Zanatos: and you Told me also ....what a mess
[04-06 22:37][Chat]Amazon: oh lort, half fish, half cat kids
[04-06 22:37][Chat]Pike: you've been catfished!
[04-06 22:37][Chat]Zanatos: hahaha
[04-06 22:38][Chat]Amazon: omg I sur was
[04-06 22:39][Chat]Amazon: icey stop this epidemic before it starts... plz
[04-06 22:45][Chat]Zanatos: annnd she's gone...
[04-07 00:46][Chat]Icewolfz: hmmm
[04-07 00:46][Chat]Icewolfz: no clue what epidemic
[04-07 14:55][Chat]Amazon: thanks for the stimulating convo yall :) I'll be back for more discussions
[04-07 15:54][Chat]Pike: get in Ice's belly!
[04-07 15:54][Chat]Pike: head out the 'back' door. :)
[04-07 15:54][Chat]Kalhan: nuh uh i came out the front
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04:55, Darkday, Roki 14, 175 AD.

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