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[08-06 22:06][Chat]Zealot: wb Nova!
[08-06 22:07][Chat]Nova: thank you. Its good to be home
[08-06 22:08][Chat]Nova: so how is everyone tonight?
[08-06 22:09][Chat]Zealot feels...zesty adn questy!
[08-06 22:10][Chat]Nova: I see that you and a few other are about ready for some serious questing
[08-06 22:10][Chat]Zealot: just 2 in my group
[08-06 22:10][Chat]Zealot: another group is separate
[08-06 22:10][Chat]Nova: if you need a boat, just let me know
[08-06 23:14][Chat]Suturb: we need wizgifts!
[08-06 23:15][Chat]Suturb: I would like a club of icewolfz made of blue ice.
[08-06 23:16][Chat]Suturb: every time you hit scorpions, they actually die.
[08-07 16:27][Chat]Balgamoth: Hey, Cap'n.
[08-07 19:21][Chat]Zealot: stop playing :)
[08-07 19:25][Chat]Zealot: Hey Xytras
[08-07 19:25][Chat]Xytras: what's shakin?
[08-07 19:26][Chat]Zealot: not much, trying to get awesome :)
[08-07 19:28][Chat]Xytras: well start with beer!
[08-07 19:29][Chat]Zealot: lol
[08-07 19:30][Chat]Xytras: or single malt scotch, if you're feeling a bit spendy
[08-07 19:30][Chat]Zealot is a tea totaler.
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02:46, Darkday, Kortki 14, 177 AD.

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