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[04-07 15:55][Chat]Pike: that's what we all say...
[04-07 15:55][Chat]Kalhan: what kinda lady do you take me for? sheesh
[04-07 16:13][Chat]Amazon: dont piss me off today, I'm mean girl rn
[04-07 22:05][Chat]Pike: Tebby!
[04-07 22:33][Chat]Tebryn: Pike? :O
[04-07 22:33][Chat]A pike stabs you.
[04-07 22:34][Chat]Tebryn: Mwahahahahahaha ugh
[04-07 22:34][Chat]A large pike eats you.
[04-07 23:32][Chat]Zanatos: PIKE!!!
[04-07 23:54][Chat]Morhe stands and stretches. then wanders off the game.
[04-08 00:25][Chat]Zanatos: haha
[04-08 00:25][Chat]Kitten: wha?
[04-08 00:25][Chat]Zanatos: Fishstick
[04-08 00:25][Chat]Kitten: he is
[04-08 00:26][Chat]Pike: she's fishist.
[04-08 00:26][Chat]Kitten: he should be fried no? :P i fried him earlier with a tazer
[04-08 00:27][Chat]Zanatos: Tartar Sauce
[04-08 00:27][Chat]Kitten: yup and ketchup
[04-08 09:52][Chat]Amazon: hellur
[04-08 09:55][Chat]Palias: Heya
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06:10, Darkday, Roki 14, 175 AD.

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