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[06-09 00:25][Chat]Brutus: right now its the opposite
[06-09 00:25][Chat]John: I might have to come back later... my internet is being froggy.
[06-09 00:25][Chat]Icewolfz: default name includes mateiral color
[06-09 00:25][Chat]Brutus: still its cool to make weapons with no color
[06-09 00:25][Chat]Icewolfz: cusomt you need to add %^RGB000%^ your self
[06-09 00:25][Chat]Icewolfz: or used %^MATERIAL%^
[06-09 00:26][Chat]Icewolfz: eg custom name of %^RGB000%^This is black on black
[06-09 00:26][Chat]Brutus: so for now, just leave as is unless someone abuses it, I guess
[06-09 00:26][Chat]Icewolfz: or you cna do %^MATERIAL%^This is black on black
[06-09 00:26][Chat]Icewolfz: if ore is the black ore
[06-09 00:26][Chat]Icewolfz: so custom name can alreayd ob lck on black no matte rwhat the ore is
[06-09 00:26][Chat]Brutus: I don't see a way to abuse it, even in arena you will know you are being attacked
[06-09 00:26][Chat]Icewolfz: juste use mono00 or RGB000 in the name
[06-09 00:26][Chat]Brutus: just maybe not by what
[06-09 00:27][Chat]Icewolfz: mostly just anoys people more the nanything
[06-09 00:27][Chat]Brutus: I like it a lot, just wish the default option was dull white and the custom make it black
[06-09 00:28][Chat]Brutus: but if that is too hard, I get it, then just leave it as is, as msot of us like this new ability.
[06-09 00:28][Chat]Icewolfz: default i bealve uses MATERIAL color
[06-09 00:28][Chat]Icewolfz: i probaly need ablack ore to try and fix default colors
[06-09 00:29][Chat]Icewolfz: default should be what ever color cde is in the db of mateirals
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03:20, Shadowday, Kortki 11, 176 AD.

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