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[04-06 13:27][Chat]Ledastray: ah i thought that was storms icey warned us about
[04-06 13:27][Chat]Icewolfz: no my net has been unstale the last few days randomly drops me
[04-06 13:28][Chat]Ledastray: nice to know you control the weather though :) can we get some sunny days here?
[04-06 13:28][Chat]Icewolfz: granted iam mostly idle cooking just poped in th check screen for a second
[04-06 13:28][Chat]Icewolfz: anwyas back to afk
[04-06 17:09][Chat]Zanatos: hello
[04-06 17:10][Chat]Zanatos: I wounder if Amazon is Comming back
[04-06 18:50][Chat]Zanatos: Grumbels and goes back to getting more black Powder
[04-06 19:28][Chat]Amazon: LOL!
[04-06 19:46][Chat]Amazon: kitte?
[04-06 19:48][Chat]Kitten: o.o
[04-06 19:48][Chat]Amazon: nope, forgot the ears and whiskers
[04-06 20:03][Chat]Zanatos: ok I am in the guild how come I can't voosh
[04-06 20:04][Chat]Zanatos: oh man I remember I lost my guild earring
[04-06 20:04][Chat]Amazon: Wut!!
[04-06 20:04][Chat]Zanatos: I am in the guild I died and I believe I lost my earring at the time
[04-06 20:05][Chat]Amazon: need new one stat
[04-06 20:05][Chat]Zanatos: I need to find the guildhall and get another
[04-06 20:06][Chat]Amazon: stoney!
[04-06 20:07][Chat]Amazon: unblock me
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07:00, Darkday, Roki 14, 175 AD.

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