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[07-11 23:58][Chat]Suturb: eated it.
[07-11 23:59][Chat]Suturb: I made you a mud but I eated it.
[07-11 23:59][Chat]Game crasher gets you!
[07-11 23:59][Chat]Suturb Odhrean reports our souls are complete.
[07-11 23:59][Chat]Zaal reports your souls are mine!
[07-12 00:00][Chat]Zaal cackles: dance my pretties dance!
[07-12 00:02][Chat]Suturb: what, eh we a bit on the Queen's lit now are we ?
[07-12 00:02][Chat]Icewolfz: figured it may look funnier
[07-12 00:03][Chat]Icewolfz: now lets see who knows that movie
[07-12 00:03][Chat]Hitler: NO!!! not the pineapple!
[07-12 00:04][Chat]Suturb: banana or pickle or maybe a cucumber, really? not enough KY in the game for that.
[07-12 00:04][Chat]Icewolfz: its from a movie
[07-12 00:04][Chat]Suturb: no, not the comfy chair
[07-12 00:04][Chat]Suturb: no one expects the Spanish inqusition.
[07-12 00:04][Chat]Deamon: popeyes chicklen is the shyic!
[07-12 00:05][Chat]Suturb: night all.
[07-12 00:05][Chat]Night: suturb all!
[07-12 00:06][Chat]Suturb: looks like Micah is sleeping while dead.
[07-12 00:06][Chat]Suturb: is that an offense ?
[07-12 00:06][Chat]A kracken pulls micah down under!
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19:50, Darkday, Praxi 19, 177 AD.

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