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[07-23 22:49][Chat]Recluse: why can't I fill bottle with blood ?
[07-23 22:49][Chat]Icewolfz: msotly due ot limitations of the design
[07-23 22:49][Chat]Recluse: or get blood and put in bottle if lazy ?
[07-23 22:49][Chat]Icewolfz: well blood is a lqiuid so kinda hard to you know hold..
[07-23 22:49][Chat]Zealot: wouldnt it be cool to make zaalblood out of actual blood? :)
[07-23 22:50][Chat]Recluse: hard to bleed old man in [] to bloodskin peopke
[07-23 22:50][Chat]Zealot: bottles are good at holding liquids :)
[07-23 22:50][Chat]Recluse: err people.
[07-23 23:02][Chat]Zanatos: laughs I am not that old
[07-23 23:03][Chat]Zanatos: I shead my Blood on this Mud :P
[07-24 00:13][Chat]Scotty: heya!
[07-24 00:16][Chat]Scotty: icey :D
[07-24 00:19][Chat]Captin Kirk: Mr. Scott, the word is given.
[07-24 00:20][Chat]La Forge: The tank can't handle that much pressure.
[07-24 00:20][Chat]A rogue klingon offers Scotty.
[07-24 00:23][Chat]Zanatos: SHe can't take much More Captain!
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07:50, Shadowday, Altki 6, 177 AD.

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