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[12-10 18:55][Chat]Sopboo: yeah you dont own a ship so no
[12-10 18:55][Chat]Sopboo: on check time
[12-10 18:55][Chat]Icewolfz: looking into the log on money now
[12-10 18:56][Chat]Icewolfz: it stores the last day or 2
[12-10 18:56][Chat]Icewolfz: well of amts over a certain amt
[12-10 18:56][Chat]Icewolfz: else it would spam for al lthe 1 coin stuff
[12-10 18:56][Chat]Icewolfz: ah i see what happen
[12-10 18:56][Chat]Icewolfz: you lost it all
[12-10 18:56][Chat]Icewolfz: you carried 2 million around on you
[12-10 18:57][Chat]Icewolfz: and something took it
[12-10 18:57][Chat]Sopboo: i didn't withdraw it tho did i?
[12-10 18:57][Chat]Icewolfz: based on the log you lost 2160 platinum
[12-10 18:57][Chat]Sopboo: thats...rough i guess.
[12-10 18:57][Chat]Icewolfz knows exactly whqat happen
[12-10 18:58][Chat]Icewolfz: it still in game
[12-10 18:58][Chat]Crunch: time to raze pariah?
[12-10 18:58][Chat]Icewolfz: you just have to find it
[12-10 18:58][Chat]Sopboo: rofl
[12-10 18:58][Chat]Sopboo: well i know whhere like 3 places are so thats good
[12-10 18:58][Chat]Icewolfz: there are polaces you should never carry a lot of money as it cna be sotlen
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02:33, Lockday, Denki 17, 179 AD.

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